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Fifth Workshop on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval Probability

Munich, 10 - 15 September 2012

The workshop will take place in the lecture rooms 101 and 102 (first floor), Veterinärstraße 1, close to the department of statistics (Ludwigstraße 33, 80539 Munich).
Directions for public transportation to the Department can be found here.
A link to OpenStreetMap is provided here (Veterinärstraße 1) and here (Ludwigstraße 33).

Munich is easily reachable by air, rail and road.

  • If you arrive by air at Munich Airport, the easiest way into the city is by light rail ("S-Bahn"). The station is located in the basement of Terminal 1, which is served by the lines S 1 and S 8 going both to the city centre in approx. 40 minutes.
    If you plan to make more than one trip by public transport on your day of arrival, we recommend to buy an Adult single day ticket / all zones ("Single-Tageskarte / Gesamtnetz") which is 11,00 EUR. Otherwise, a single ticket to any destination in the city ("Einzelfahrkarte / 4 Zonen") is 10,00 EUR (9,60 EUR cashless).
    If you are group of two or more, we recommend to buy an Adult partner day ticket / all zones ("Partnertagesticket / Gesamtnetz") costing 20,00 EUR, which is valid for up to five persons.
    Tickets must be purchased at the ticket machines on the ground floor of the airport near the top end of the escalators down to the light rail station. There is no ticket purchase in the train. Tickets must be validated / stamped before entering the train using the small blue stamping machines at the platform. For details on the Munich public transport system, see the following list item.
  • If you arrive by train at Munich central station ("München Hauptbahnhof"), a single ticket to all destinations in the city ("Einzelfahrkarte / 1 Zone") is 2,50 EUR. If you plan to make more than two trips by public transport per day, a day ticket ("Single-Tageskarte") is commendable. If you travel in a group, a partner day ticket ("Partnertagesticket", valid for up to five persons) is available as well. There are also three-day versions of these tickets.
    For all destinations inside the city, the inner district ("Innenraum") versions of the (partner) day / 3-day tickets are sufficient. The single day ticket is 5,60 EUR, the single 3-day ticket 13,80 EUR. The partner day ticket is 10,20 EUR, the partner 3-day ticket is 23,70 EUR (both valid for up to five persons).
    Tickets are valid in all public transport means (light rail, underground, tram, buses) in Munich. Tickets must be validated / stamped using the small blue stamping machines which are located at the platform or the entrances (light rail, underground) or in the vehicle (tram, buses). For more information on the Munich public transport system ("MVV" = "Müncher Verkehrsverbund") and timetables, visit www.mvv-muenchen.de.
  • If you travel by car, please mind that there is practically no free parking in the city centre. We can organise access to the university's car park upon request.
    Due to the introduction of laws for reducing pollution by particular matter, every car entering the city centre must bear a special badge ("Feinstaubplakette") that indicates its emission levels. More information on this can be found here.

Detailed information on the city of Munich, including accommodation and tourist information, can be found on www.muenchen.de:

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